Stars of Start-Up

Start-up world in Turkey has accelerated in the last few years. Each year start-up economy is rapidly growing, and new entrepreneurs are included in the ecosystem. There are many entrepreneurs who are younger than 30. As Economist, we have compiled 10 promising start-up initiatives found by entrepreneurs under the age of 30. These companies are including entrepreneurial companies like Bia Technology.

The firm was established on May 2015 in Yıldız Technical University Technopark with the support of Ministry of Science, Industry, and Technology to produce innovative, high-technology, affordable and aesthetic products in medical and rehabilitation sector that will meet the customer needs.

The company started with the idea of Spinal Decompression Robot idea and has become one the leader firms in medical technology sector with high-technology products with the support of Ministry of Science, Industry, and Technology, KOSGEB and TÜBİTAK.

The firm is developing spinal decompression device (Spina Trak) under TÜBİTAK project. This device is a traction device that will decrease the pressure between waist and neck vertebra and treat the problems. The treatment is non-surgical and made with robotic rehabilitation. Additionally, this device could offer mobilisation treatment.  The device can achieve up to 90% success when suitable patients are selected for neck and waist vertebral problems.