Bia Technology is in Medical Plus Magazine

Spina Trak has unique properties like positioning the patient and surface heating. Spinal pain is one of the modern diseases and can make the life hard. BiaTech company is operational in Yıldız Technopark Incubation Centre. The firm had developed Spina Trak and could provide non-surgical waist and neck treatment with up to ninety five percent success rate. Spending time working on a desk or working under harsh physical conditions triggers the spinal problems. To address this problem, BiaTech company operational in Yıldız Technopark Incubation Centre had developed a decompression device for non-surgical waist and neck treatment. The device could work with up to ninety five percent success rate. Compared to competitor products on the market, this product had advance technological advantages such as patient positioning and surface heating. Yıldız Technopark General Directorate Prof. Dr. Mesut Güner commented on Spina Trak, “I was very glad to support the R&D work of VBia Tach. The firm has become one of the leader firms in medical technology sector with high-technology products and with supports of Ministry of Science, Industry, and Technology, KOSGEB, and TÜBİTAK.

Spina Trak is the new product of the firm and the prototype of the product was completed with capital support of Ministry of Science, Industry, and Technology, and Teknogirişim. The industrial manufacturing process of the product had started in the beginning of 2017 with the support of TÜBİTAK 1507.”

Bia Tech Co-Founder Kemal Eren Cengiz stated that technical specifications of the device were specially designed for effective use by consulting to patients and doctors. He commented about advantages of being in Technopark, “We entrepreneur companies need network. With Yıldız Technopark, we can be included in this network and form new collaborations. The special design of this products applies the decompression force between vertebra instead of current traction systems that apply the force directly to vertebra. Patients could be positioned according to human anatomy. Thus, the effectiveness of the treatment increases. Muscle spasms are prevented with heat treatment. When we launch the product, we will offer the most advanced solution on the market with patient positioning and surface heating”.